Our History

Hamilton's pioneered the importation of stone, bringing it in from India, China etc. In doing so we cut out the middleman, enabling us to pass the savings on to you, our most valuable asset, the customer.Sometimes we are astounded at the prices people have been quoted elsewhere. At Hamilton's, we give an all in price inc all lettering (unlimited), cemetery fees and erection fees set by the council; none of this nonsense of so much per letter, so much for flower container and so on. The price at Hamilton's is a true reflection of what the memorial is worth.

Hamilton's has always been a working class firm in a working class neighbourhood and has never been in business to exploit the elderly or bereaved at what is surely the most vulnerable time in their lives. Hamilton's have a long standing history with the city of Belfast having been chosen as one of the firms to work on the titanic masoning fireplaces and the famous central staircase. In addition to this, we have carried out restoration work at the old Clifton Street cemetery. We also were involved in the bi-centennial of the royal maternity hospital. We have conducted work for quite a number of dignitaries and celebrities over the years, we also have featured in many programmes for the two TV networks in the province and our Donegall Road yard has been used as a backdrop on numerous occasions. Indeed, it is a well known landmark throughout the city, everyone knows it as the "wee stoneyard" at the corner of Donegall Road and Broadway just before you go onto the M1.

Well that's a little bit about Hamilton's and, to any new customers, we'd like to be of any assistance you could possibly require, and to our old and existing customers we'd like to give you a most sincere and honest thank you, because you have given five generations a livelihood. So, really, words cannot describe our gratitude to you.
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About T Hamilton Memorials

T Hamilton Memorials is a family run company and was established in 1895, with five generations of the family being a part of the business. We provide professionally handcrafted memorials and headstones and can also restore and repair headstones. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.


What to expect from us?

•Memorial Stones
•Headstone inscriptions and restoration
•Flower vases
•Grave surrounds
•Memorial plaques
•Grave tending

For affordable gravestones and memorial plaques in Belfast, call the professionals at T Hamilton